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The Protagonist, who's name is currently unknown, is the main character in the series, and is responsible for creating and uploading most of the videos to the Aperi Oculos YouTube account.

The Protagonist as seen from behind in PERSEQUORINCENDIUM.


The Protagonist has appeared with two different skins over the timespan of the series.

He first appeared as a human-like character, wearing navy blue clothing. This skin is only seen in CLOSTELLUMOSTIUM and Herobrine Update 02, and due to him wearing armour, it would be difficult to identify what he looks like.

His second skin is a completely black figure who wears a beige hoodie, and has white eyes similar to Herobrine.


  • The Protagonist's second skin is a reference to both Hoody from MarbleHornets and Firebrand from TribeTwelve, both series being major inspirations for Aperi Oculos.