The Fall is the eleventh video on the Aperi Oculos channel. It was uploaded on May 10th, 2017.

Transcript Edit

Something big just happened.

I'm going to go straight into the footage rather than waste time here.

(Cut to The Protagonist walking up to a dock.)

I had made this dock earlier, mainly to protect myself when fishing and to store boats.

(He notices a hole in the ground, leading to a small pool of water.)

I noticed this hole. I decided to jump in, since I was curious and it didn't look too dangerous.

(He jumps in, but the drop immediately becomes much larger. When he lands in the water at the bottom, he swims up to find he's somehow in The Torch Cave. He looks around a corner.)

I saw some light ahead. So I decided to continue.

(He walks further into the cave, and fights a creeper hiding in the area. He sees a chest down a small corridor, next to a redstone torch and a sign saying "YOU'LL NEED THIS" along with two dashes.)

(The Protagonist opens the chest and sees a map. On it is a forest next to a mountain, with a red X near the top. The Protagonist looks around, and runs out of the cave. Cut to plain text.)

I immediately went back to the surface.

(Cut to the Protagonist looking at the map while climbing a ladder out of his mineshaft. He looks up to see his base is completely in ruins. He grabs various resources from his now destroyed storage room, and leaves the house.)

(The Protagonist notices Herobrine standing in his destroyed enchantment room, and continues running to the dock.)

I don't know how that happened, but I didn't feel safe here anymore, so I decided I had to leave.

(He runs into the dock, grabs a boat and puts it in the water. A quick flash of distortion appears for a moment, and the Protagonist freezes in place.)

(I stop moving here because the distortion scared me.)

(The Protagonist looks behind him to see Null standing there. Distortion fills the screen, as loud, distorted static is heard.)

(The Protagonist quickly jumps in the boat and begins sailing away. Cut back to plain text.)

Who was that?

All I know is, I can't stay in that base. It's completely gone.

I stopped playing after that, and I don't know if I'll be playing again any time soon afterwards.

As for the map I found in the cave, I don't know where it leads or how to get there, but I'm willing to find out.

In other news, I also have a Twitter account now. And someone besides me has already posted on it.

(Cut to screenshot of the message from Herobrine.)

And I'd say it's pretty obvious who.

(Cut back to plain text.)

Bye for now.

Trivia Edit

  • When Null appears, a deep laugh can be heard among the static.
    • The laugh heard is actually a slowed down and reversed version of Flowey's laugh from the game Undertale.
  • The music used is Cat from Minecraft: Volume Alpha.
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