Temporal Paradox is the fifteenth video on the Aperi Oculos channel. It was uploaded on July 3rd, 2017.

Transcript Edit

Hello again. Sorry for the lack of uploads recently.

I haven't been playing much Minecraft at all since that NIHILPRAEDIUM video. I recently played again though, and came across some interesting things.

I went mining, and was about to go back to the surface because I had forgotten something. Then I saw this.

(Cut to The Protagonist mining. He turns around and very briefly sees another version of himself run past the doorway, emitting a strange noise. He runs out and looks around for his alternate self, but finds nobody, so he returns to the surface.)

..Did I just see myself running past the doorway?

I went up to the surface again later, and this happened.

(Cut to The Protagonist walking through a forest. Video tears for a moment. He looks over a cliff and sees Null standing on a beach. The video distorts as music blares in the background. The Protagonist makes a note that he didn't edit in the music currently playing. The Protagonist begins running away, and the video cuts to black with the loud distorted audio continuing for a moment.)

Other than Null, I didn't notice anything strange about this clip at first. But then I realized something.. unsettling.

This is the same clip from NIHILPRAEDIUM, and the MEMENTO video I found in my files.

(Cut to clip from NIHILPRAEDIUM of the Protagonist seeing Null on the beach. Then cut to him running through the forest as seen in MEMENTO.)

How is this possible? I recorded that clip only an hour or two ago at the time of writing this, but those videos were made over a month ago.

I don't understand this anymore.

Trivia Edit

  • The music used throughout most of the video is Beginning 2 by C418 from Minecraft: Volume Beta.
  • The music used during the Null scene is Spanish Sahara by Foals and Your Best Nightmare by Toby Fox.
  • The alternate Protagonist appeared in Loop, running from Null.
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