The Reboot series is as the name suggests, a rebooted version of Aperi Oculos. It has currently only been mentioned in a single tweet from the Aperi Oculos BTS Twitter, and hasn't been worked on yet.

Reasoning for Reboot Edit

The reboot occurred because the creator did not like where the story was heading. Crafting a story from what had been left from Season 1 was very difficult, and led to certain elements, such as characters, being too confusing to work with.

The reboot will be under the same name, and the current series will likely be put under a different name.

Differences and Similarities Edit

The reboot will be both very different and very similar to the current series.

Instead of following a normal story-line, the reboot will likely work as a Let's Play series, incorporating Herobrine, Null and any other characters into the game. It may also return to the series roots, being just a channel dedicated to hunting down the antagonists. Certain effects, such as teleportation and screen distortion, will return, but things such as videos uploaded by the antagonists will probably be cut.

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