REFRESH is the seventeenth video on the Aperi Oculos channel. It is currently unreleased. It serves as the finale for the Legacy series.

Transcript Edit

(Video opens on somebody slowly walking towards The X Base. The screen is heavily distorted.)

(Fade into the inside of the base. The camera moves steadily towards Herobrine, who is standing in the base. The words "This is it." appear, in a different font to anyone else's.)

(Distortion fills the screen. Cut to Herobrine and Null standing next to each other in front of a river. The words "This is the end." appear. The camera slowly inches towards the two.)

(Cut to view of somebody running through The Nullscape. The footage is very laggy, with distortion regularly filling the screen. The words "Thanks for playing. But it's over for now." appear.)

(Cut to view of the camera speeding over an ocean towards The Mountain Base. The words "We hope you enjoyed your stay." appear. The camera slowly floats into the side of the mountain as the footage fades out.)

(Cut to view of somebody walking into The Torch Cave. They reach the chest at the end, and turn around to find themselves in a new tunnel. They walk towards The Machina. The footage fades out as they look downwards.)

(Cut to footage of somebody planting TNT throughout The X Base. There is notably no distortion in this scene. After planting a sufficient amount of TNT, the cameraman leaves the base and lights the TNT with a Redstone torch. They walk backwards to reveal Herobrine and Null standing outside, staring at the base and watching as it explodes. The word "GOODBYE." appears in Herobrine's font over the explosion.)

(The footage fades out, with Herobrine's text remaining. The words "FOR NOW." alongside a crudely drawn demonic face appear in Null's font. Both texts fade out. Music fades out.)

(Cut to view of the Aperi Oculos world in Minecraft's menu. The Protagonist selects the world, and deletes it as the footage cuts to black.)

Trivia Edit

  • The music used is Flare from Homestuck Vol. 8.
    • Interestingly, the song Flare is used in Homestuck during a scene in which the world is essentially rebooted; an event occurring in Aperi Oculos.
  • The font used most commonly throughout the video is Courier New, a font that hasn't been seen in the series before. Their communication style is also very similar to The Protagonist's, rather than being in all-caps like Herobrine's and Null's fonts.
    • This font and typing style would have been used by The Puppetmaster, a cut antagonist from the Legacy series.
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