New Location is the twelfth video on the Aperi Oculos channel. It was uploaded on May 18th, 2017.

Transcript Edit

I decided to get on Minecraft again to find what's on that map before taking a break.

(Cut to footage of The Protagonist riding in a boat. Land is seen in the distance.)

I eventually found land after a while of just riding in my boat.

I had noticed I also appeared on the map at this point, so I was close to where I needed to head.

(The Protagonist reaches the land. The video cuts between different clips of him making his way towards the red X on the map.)

(He fights off some mobs and finds the X. It's made of flaming netherrack. Cut back to plain text.)

I decided to build my base near this area.

(Cut to The Protagonist carving out the mountain to make his base.)

Nothing out the ordinary happened for a little while.

Herobrine, however, did want to communicate to me that he was still watching.

(Cut to The Protagonist walking to a bed. When he sleeps in it, Herobrine can be seen right outside the window. The Protagonist quickly leaves the bed, but Herobrine vanishes. He looks around for Herobrine, but finds nothing and goes back to bed.)

I also went out later and found a sign outside.

(Cut to image of a sign saying "YOU ARE SAFE NOW - -")

Herobrine.. wants to keep me safe?

(Cut back to plain text.)

A lot of stuff went down outside of Minecraft, too.

(Cut to image of a video file, called "MEMENTO".)

First of all, I found this video in my files. It will be played at the end of this video.

I also had a user contact me on Twitter as I was editing this video.

(Cut to images of a Twitter conversation between The Protagonist and an anonymous user.)

The images will go by quickly, so pause if you want to read them.

Protagonist: Alright, what do you need to tell me.

User: Your being hacked on your local worlds

Protagonist: I figured that.

User: The guy has many fake ids. One is Makil Kalangjeh Persson

Protagonist: Interesting.

User: Hmmm trying to see what else to tell you

Protagonist: So this is just for Herobrine, right? What about that black figure I was also seeing? Same guy?

User: I'm not sure

Protagonist: And is this hacker known to get into people's Twitter accounts and YouTube accounts?

User: Could be him. I think his real first name is Spontaneous

Protagonist: Ah, well thanks for saying this.

User: He can read your signs that's how he knows if ur talking about him too

Protagonist: I did think it was some kinda hacker or something, but I only thought it was maybe one of my friends or something doing it

User: NO. It takes really extremely good hacking skills and planning to do that. He's not related to notch

He makes me open up MC to try and chat with Herobrine.

User: I guess ur good

Protagonist: Alrighty then.

User: Hey can u do this rite now

Protagonist: What is it?

User: I want to see If I can talk to da herobrine dude

Protagonist: Alright.

User: Open up minecraft

Protagonist: Opening, one moment

User: Join a world with local multiplayer on

Protagonist: Wait, is that how the guy was connecting? Through local multiplayer?

User: Put down a sign that say Herobrine I want to chat

Protagonist: There.

User: Now is anything weird happening

Protagonist: Lemme have a look around the place. Nope, no sign of anything weird.

User: Has the sign changed

Protagonist: Not at all.

User: Did u hear hi

Protagonist: Heard nothing. Should I move the sign somewhere else?

User: Hmm say you want to chat with him

Protagonist: Actually, I have an idea. Maybe somehow this is what the red X is for?

User: What x

Protagonist: Well, in my videos, I found a map with a red X marked on it. I found the area and there was a flaming X on the ground.

User: Hummmm

Protagonist: Well, sign's in the middle of it. And I swear I heard a door open when I was alt-tabbed out.

User: What they say. Wait u heard a real door like from a mic

Protagonist: No, it just sounded like a normal Minecraft door.

I notice Herobrine at this point.

Protagonist: Tried that already, found nothing. Maybe I have to just dig deeper, but I dunno. I'm more interested in this door noise at the moment. Wait. I see him.

User: Say hi. He say anything

Protagonist: Nope. Just standing there, watching me.

User: Place a sign down that say hi spontaneous

Protagonist: Alright

User: Is he doing anything

Protagonist: No reaction. He's still just standing up there.

(Cut to screenshot of Herobrine standing on the mountain above the base.)

This is the screenshot I took of him.)

(Cut back to Twitter conversation. Herobrine had suddenly taken over.)

My PC shuts off here and I didn't know this is taking place.


User: What he do


User: Hi


User: Is ur name spontaneous

Herobrine: OF COURSE NOT.

User: What is ur real name hacker


User: Hmm im guessing Malik Persson

Herobrine: INCORRECT.

User: What is it

Herobrine: WHY NOT JUST LOOK AT YOUR OWN NAME? (The user's name, while not visible in the video, contained the name "Herobrine".)

User: How did you become so good at hacking


User: What is it

Protagonist: What the hell just happened?

The conversation ended soon afterwards.

From what this user tells me, this Herobrine is a known hacker. But from what I've seen, I don't know for sure if that's true.

Bye for now. I will end off on the video I found in my files. "MEMENTO"

(Cut to the video. It opens with TV static.)

(Cut to shot of TNT and a Redstone Torch being placed in The Mountain Base. The words "IT HAD TO BE DONE" appear.)

(Distortion increases as the TNT explodes. Cut back to TV static, and then to footage of Null standing on an island outside The Mountain Base. The words "HE WAS GROWING CLOSER" appear.)

(Cut back to TV static, then to a view of the new base. The words "YOU ARE SAFE HERE." appear.)

(Distortion heavily increases for a split second. The Minecraft-styled text disappears, and the words "FOR NOW", written in a scratchy font appear in the distortion for only a few frames.)

(Cut back to TV static, then to black and white first-person footage of The Protagonist running from something. The words "JUST REMEMBER" appear on a tree.)

(Footage fades out. Cut back to TV static, which quickly disappears, leaving blackness. The words "KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN" appear for a few moments, before disappearing and ending the video.)

Trivia Edit

  • The Twitter conversation was completely unscripted, and the user seemed to be mostly unaware of the series as a whole.
  • This video confirms that Herobrine is behind the strange all-caps videos on the Aperi Oculos channel and was the one who destroyed The Mountain Base.
  • The music that plays during the scene with the Mountain Base being destroyed is a slightly edited version of the music heard in Herobrine Sighting 01, the first video to feature the base.
  • The footage of the Protagonist running through the forest at the end of the MEMENTO video foreshadowed the events in Temporal Paradox.
  • The music used in both the Protagonist's video and MEMENTO is Danny / hal4 from Minecraft: Volume Alpha.
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