NIHILPRAEDIUM is the fourteenth video on the Aperi Oculos channel. It was uploaded on June 3rd, 2017.

Transcript Edit

(Video opens on a view of a sunrise. The screen is slightly distorted.)

(Camera pans over to the red X outside of The X Base. The screen suddenly becomes a deep blue color.)

(Camera pans to the entrance to The X Base. The blue color disappears after a flash of distortion.)

(Cut to TV static, then to Null standing on a hill. The words "I TRIED TO SLOW HIM DOWN" appear above him.)

(Cut to a white screen. Null and the words "BUT HE CONTINUES TO GROW STRONGER" appear.)

(Cut to footage of The Protagonist walking through a forest and seeing Null on an island. The text "I CANNOT STOP HIM" appear. Fade to black.)

(Cut to footage of The Mountain Base. The words "I WILL CONTINUE TRYING" appear in the sky. The camera moves to the dock. The words "YET STILL.." appear. The camera enters the dock and jumps down the hole in the corner.)

(Camera suddenly appears on a cliff. The Protagonist can be seen standing on the cliff, looking over the side, as the camera moves by him.)

(Distortion increases. Cut to view of a sunset, with the words "THE DARKNESS CONTINUES GROWING" appear. The words fade out as the camera pans down to the forest below.)

(Cut to footage of a waterfall, then to a closeup of leaves rushing by the screen.)

(Cut to footage of Null standing in front of a stone wall. The words "THE NULL ENTITY.." appear.)

(Cut to someone rushing through a blue landscape. The words "IT POSSESSES GREAT POWER" appear.)

(Cut to Herobrine walking through the forest. The words "YET IS CORRUPTED BEYOND COMPREHENSION" appear.)

(Cut to view of a floating tree. The word "REMEMBER" appears.)

(Cut to black. The text "STAY AWAY FROM THE NULLSCAPE" appears, with the word "NULLSCAPE" being almost completely censored by distortion. Distortion grows.)

(Cut to heavily distorted view of stone rushing past. Music suddenly becomes more intense.)

(Cut to black. The words "HELLO THERE", in a different, scratchy font appear. They disappear and are replaced by the word "OCULOS", alongside a crudely drawn version of the Aperi Oculos logo.)

(Cut to footage of a ravine, then to someone rushing through a corridor. They look down and back up, and the words "I HOPE I DIDN'T INTERRUPT YOUR LITTLE MEETING" appear.)

(The camera pans back down and is engulfed in darkness. It pans back up to see Null standing on a pyramid structure with two flaming pillars around him. Camera turns to a dark wall, and the words "HE TRIED SO HARD TO DEFEND YOU" appear.)

(Cut to The Protagonist leaving his base. Distortion grows, and then cuts to black. Music stops.)

(Laughter is heard, along with the words "I AM ALWAYS RIGHT BEHIND YOU" appear.)

Trivia Edit

  • The music used, in chronological order:
    • Crosses - Jose Gonzalez
    • Spanish Sahara - Foals
  • The laugh at the end is a slowed down and reversed version of Flowey's laugh from the game Undertale.
  • The pyramid structure Null was standing on was foreshadowed on the Aperi Oculos Twitter account, through a dream that The Protagonist had.
  • This is the first video to feature music from outside of Minecraft's official soundtrack, the first video to feature The Nullscape, and the first video which included full interaction from Null.
  • The scene where The Protagonist was standing on a cliff was seen from his angle in Gone Quiet.
  • NIHILPRAEDIUM loosely translates to "nullscape".
  • The footage of The Protagonist seeing Null on an island foreshadowed the events in Temporal Paradox.
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