Most of the videos in the Aperi Oculos series contains music. Songs used in the series are all slowed down and reversed to create a more sinister feel.

The music used in Season 1 are mostly from Minecraft's first official soundtrack, Minecraft: Volume Alpha. The music in Season 2 contains more variety, using more mainstream songs, or music from other games. They also relate to the current situation, rather than only be used as ambience.

Music Used Edit

Season 1 Edit

Season 2 Edit

  • NIHILPRAEDIUM - Spanish Sahara by Foals / Crosses by Jose Gonzalez
  • Temporal Paradox - Beginning 2 from Minecraft: Volume Beta / Your Best Nightmare by Toby Fox / Spanish Sahara by Foals
  • Loop - No music
  • REFRESH - Flare from Homestuck Vol. 8.
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