Loop is the sixteenth video on the Aperi Oculos channel. It was uploaded on July 24rd, 2017.

Transcript Edit

This was recorded shortly after the Temporal Paradox video.

(Cut to The Protagonist in his mineshaft. The screen distorts and a sign appears on the wall in front of him, reading "BEHIND YOU.")

(The Protagonist very slowly turns around to see nothing behind him. He turns back to find Null standing in front of the sign, which is now filled with "HAHAHAHA")

(Video freezes and cuts out on image of Null. A black and white image of Null appears, with the words "FOUND YOU" written over him in Null's scratchy font.)

(Video cuts out again, and comes back with a heavily distorted image of The Protagonist turning to run away.)

(Video cuts again, comes back with a screenshot from Temporal Paradox, showing the alternate Protagonist running through a doorway. The words "CLOSE THE LOOP" are written on the side.)

(Video cuts for a final time, and comes back with the Protagonist running down the mineshaft towards the exit. The screen is mildly distorted, with a distorted noise playing that gets progressively louder.)

(The Protagonist briefly looks behind him to see nothing; Null and the sign are gone. He turns around again to find Null now standing behind him. Further down the mineshaft, he turns around yet again to see Null standing even closer to him.)

(Video heavily distorts, and the Protagonist is suddenly teleported to the other end of the mineshaft. He looks around briefly, confused, and tries to run to the exit again.)

(The Protagonist looks behind him again, to find the exit now behind him. He tries to run back to the exit again.)

(The Protagonist gets close to the exit, and after a burst of distortion, the Protagonist is suddenly running in the opposite direction. He turns around, and is teleported to the other side of the mineshaft again.)

(The Protagonist draws his sword and tries to reach the exit one last time. Distortion begins to grow, and the Protagonist is suddenly running in the opposite direction again, this time, towards Null. He runs past the doorway in which he saw his alternate self in the Temporal Paradox video.)

(The Protagonist recoils in surprise, and turns around to find himself in his bedroom. He looks around his base, and ends the video.)

Trivia Edit

  • When The Protagonist runs past the doorway at 1:16, the same noise as the one that played when he saw his alternate self in Temporal Paradox is played, indicating that The Protagonist in this video was the alternate Protagonist in that video.
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