Note: Tweets in Italic are written by someone other than The Protagonist, text written in bold and in brackets describe any images posted alongside the tweets, and italic and underlined text describes any codes present.

2017 Edit

May Edit

May 9th

  • 4:20AM: Was thinking about starting up a Twitter account for a while. Finally caved and decided to do it.
  • 4:22AM: Someone asked me if I was going back to that cave with the torch. Nope. Not happening. That moment was too confusing to repeat again.
  • 4:43AM: I didn't think setting up this account would be as painful as it was. I guess YouTube links are suspicious rule-breaking things here.
  • 8:50PM: RETURN TO THE CAVE. - - (Includes image of The Torch Cave.)
  • 8:55PM: Apparently whoever's uploading those videos also got into my Twitter. Great.
  • 8:56PM: No, mystery man, I'm not going back to that place.

May 10th

  • 4:50AM: A friend of mine just told me about some hidden messages in two of my videos? How did I not notice those before? This is kinda concerning.

May 11th

  • 2:12AM: Why am I here?? How did I get here?! (Includes image of The Torch Cave.)
  • 2:24AM: I had to leave the area. Something big happened and I can't stay in that base anymore.
  • 2:24AM: Just as I was leaving though, something else happened. Something appeared. I don't know what it was, but it definitely wasn't Herobrine.
  • 3:24AM: Starting to edit the next video now. The more I look over this footage, the more it disturbs me.
  • 4:05AM: The Fall (Includes video.)

May 12th

  • 8:26PM: Contemplating whether or not to get back on Minecraft. I might. I at least want to find what's on that map before I take a break.

May 17th

  • 7:35PM: I went back on Minecraft to try and find what's on the map. I found it. Nothing there but a flaming X.
  • 7:36PM: Apparently that location will keep me safe, though. At least, according to a sign I found nearby.
  • 7:36PM: But safe from what? That thing I saw at the end of the last video? That completely black figure?
  • 7:37PM: I doubt it'd mean I'd be safe from Herobrine. From the looks of things, he was the one who put the sign there in the first place.
  • 7:43PM: Welp, guess I'm gonna be spending the next hour rebuilding a base here.
  • 9:24PM: Just found a strange video tucked away in my files. Looks like those other strange videos on my YouTube channel. Gotta be from Herobrine.
  • 9:26PM: Also didn't mention it, but I saw Herobrine himself again. Video soon.
  • 11:23PM: Just had a talk with some guy on Twitter. Herobrine took over mid-way through. Creepy stuff. Video might be delayed.

May 18th

May 23rd

  • 11:42PM: I don't think this break of mine will last very long. Already tempted to start playing again.

May 24th

  • 5:49AM: Yup, couldn't resist. Spent the last couple of hours playing Minecraft. Herobrine's gone quiet though. Also didn't see that other thing.
  • 5:50AM: Speaking of which, I did some research on it. Apparently the figure's called Null? And apparently it's even more dangerous than Herobrine.
  • 5:51AM: That might explain why it distorted my screen in the Fall video, and why Herobrine never has. It's more corrupted, supposedly.

May 25th

  • 10:39PM: I've been playing Minecraft quite a bit since my last tweet. Still nothing out of the ordinary. Herobrine's completely quiet now.
  • 10:40PM: I might make a video about it soon. I don't know if I'll be posting any more after that, if he stays that way.

May 26th

  • 12:57AM: Rendering and uploading video now.
  • 1:04AM: Gone Quiet: (Includes video.)
  • 1:04AM: Watched the video back and found that hidden frame at the end. Guess this isn't the end. They're just staying hidden. Great.
  • 2:48AM: Updated my logo. The old one was thrown together in Paint in about 5 minutes. Been wanting to improve it for a while.

May 29th

  • 4:56AM: I don't really enjoy this quietness. The quiet is more mysterious than when they're active. I feel like they'll come back at any moment.

May 30th

  • 12:29AM: weird dream. was playing minecraft. saw this in a cave. woke up and drew it. (Includes drawing of Null standing on a pyramid. Two flaming pillars are on either side of him, which contain realistic eyes.)

May 31st

  • 4:10AM: Walked out of my base and swore I saw something black out of the corner of my eye. Turned around, nothing there. They might be coming back.
  • 4:44AM: 01000001 01000101 01010011 (Includes black and white image of The Protagonist running outside his house, with the words "IT WAS ME". A code and the phrase "WHO AM I?" appear at the top left.) The binary code translates to "AES". AES is a type of encryption, used in the photo itself. The phrase "WHO AM I?" serves as the key for decrypting the AES message. Putting the code, and the name "null" into an AES decryption tool, results in the word "hello".
  • 5:21AM: Saw the last tweet. Checked my world for anything. Nothing out of the ordinary. But I know they're back.

June Edit

June 3rd

  • 1:14AM: dGhlbnVsbGVudGl0eWlzZ3Jvd2luZ2Nsb3Nlcg== (Includes NIHILPRAEDIUM.) The base64 translates to "thenullentityisgrowingcloser"
  • 4:56AM: Saw the video. I don't know what to say. That thing I saw in my dream. It was in there.

June 12th

  • 1:33AM: Sorry for the lack of updates. Haven't been playing Minecraft, mainly because I was pretty sick for a while. Won't be any videos for a bit.

July Edit

July 1st

  • 1:27AM: I kinda want to play Minecraft, but at the same time, I don't. I'm even procrastinating when it comes to playing games now..

July 3rd

  • 11:49PM: Decided to play again. Weird stuff happened. REALLY weird stuff happened. I don't understand anything anymore. Video later. I need to think.

July 4th

July 24th

  • 5:08AM: he was following me. i couldn't get out. i'm sealing that mineshaft forever. video tomorrow. gotta sleep.
  • 11:44PM: Loop: (Includes video.)

August Edit

August 27th

  • 11:06PM: Probably gonna be going on another hiatus. Haven't felt like playing Minecraft in a while. And school's catching up to me again.
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