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Herobrine Update #02 is the sixth video on the Aperi Oculos channel. It was uploaded on January 16th, 2017.


I am making this video to talk about the mysterious video that was uploaded to my account by someone other than me. "CLOSTELLUMOSTIUM".

It was uploaded last night, while I was asleep. I have since changed all my passwords in case I was hacked.

Out of curiosity, I also investigated my world and my files, and I found some interesting things.

(Cut to a screenshot of the storage room, with a sign on the wall, reading "REMINISCOR CLOSTELLUM", along with a link to CLOSTELLUMOSTIUM.)

I found this sign with a link to the video in my storage room.

(Cut to an image showing a file, containing the image of the Protagonist seen in CLOSTELLUMOSTIUM. The date reads "2017-01-16_22.42.00")

I also found the screenshot that was seen in the video, which appears to be of me staring at the sign from Update #01. According to the date, it was created at the same time the video came out.

(Cut to the image itself.)

(Cut back to plain text.)

I will continue to investigate my world, and I will post any encounters I have with Herobrine.


  • In the screenshot of the Protagonist looking at a sign, the text "REGARDS." can be seen in the top left corner.
  • The sign in the storage room loosely translates to "REMEMBER LOCK".
  • The music used is Minecraft / calm1 from Minecraft: Volume Alpha.