Herobrine Sighting #01 is the first video on the Aperi Oculos channel. It was uploaded on January 1st, 2017.

Transcript Edit

Hello viewers.

I recently started up a new Minecraft world. However, I noticed a few.. strange occurrences.

I noticed some redstone torches and small tunnels that I did not build. I also saw what looked like another player watching me from on top of a mountain, despite being in a new Single Player world that I have not opened to LAN.

After finding these things, I decided to start recording my gameplay. And, lo and behold, I found HIM again.

Here, I was coming back from hunting. Keep an eye on the right side of the screen.

(Video cuts to the protagonist running across a coast and up a small hill. After jumping over a block of dirt, Herobrine is seen to the right of the screen. The video slows down while he is in frame, along with a caption reading (SLOWED DOWN).)

A few minutes later, I went mining.

(Video cuts to the protagonist mining iron. He gathers various blocks, and notices Herobrine standing towards the back of the cave. The video brightens when he is noticed by the protagonist, along with a caption reading (BRIGHTNESS INCREASED). The protagonist runs away.)

I went back later, and found this:

(Cut to a screenshot of a sign in Herobrine's place. The sign reads out a message in base64 code, and includes what looks like a pair of eyes underneath.)

I always thought Herobrine was fake, but, now I'm not so sure.

I may make more videos like this if I ever encounter him again.

Thanks for watching.

Trivia Edit

  • The base64 code on the sign translates to "keep your eyes open".
  • The music used is Danny / hal4 from Minecraft: Volume Alpha.
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