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Herobrine is one of the antagonists of the Aperi Oculos series.

Herobrine as seen in Herobrine Sighting #04.


Herobrine appears exactly how he does in the original creepypasta; the default character but with white eyes.

In PERSEQUORINCENDIUM, he is usually seen as a silhouette with only his eyes visible.

In videos, he communicates with a Minecraft-like font.

Behaviour and Actions[]

Herobrine is responsible for most of the events in the series. He regularly stalks The Protagonist, usually from a distance, and he also digs out holes in walls and places redstone torches and signs. He communicates through both base64 code and normal text when placing signs.

His motives are completely unknown. He appears to only want to scare the Protagonist, or lead them to certain places such as The Torch Cave. The rate at which he interacts with the Protagonist seems to be completely random, as noted by the Protagonist in Herobrine Sighting 03.

Herobrine is also responsible for uploading the all-caps videos to the Aperi Oculos account and was responsible for the destruction of The Mountain Base.

Herobrine is able to communicate via the Aperi Oculos Twitter, as shown by his first message there including two dashes, symbolising his eyes. He also engaged in a private conversation with a random user, after they and The Protagonist tried to call him.

As seen in New Location, Herobrine seems to want to help The Protagonist, by keeping him safe from Null. His reasons for doing so is unknown, and whether or not he actually wants to help The Protagonist or if he is leading him to a trap is also unclear.